I could say that he's only excited because he doesn't have to drive in it, but there's no denying that a young Yellowstone bison was really bouncing when he realized there was new snow.

USA Today just shared this fun Yellowstone National Park moment when a young bison was spotted "boinking" (their word, not mine) to new snow. He sure is happy.

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While Yellowstone is more or less shut down in the winter to normal tourists, the bison thrive. As the National Park Service mentions, their coats become even more wooly and these large animals can even use their large heads to plow snow out of their way. Blizzard's cold temperatures and wind that frequent Yellowstone this time of year are no problem for bison.

Yellowstone Park shared details of how these bison herds will migrate to lower ground during winter for better grazing opportunities. It's one of the reasons that bison are among the most durable species for enduring and even thriving during the cold weather months.

This young bison was certainly having one of the best days ever thanks to freshly fallen snow. True Wyoming wildlife joy on display.

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