In perhaps the most definitive display of toughest mother ever, a Yellowstone bison gave birth and then promptly walked across the river with her newborn calf.

Based on the video time stamp, this happened in Yellowstone National Park yesterday. Here's what the person who captured the video said about what they saw:

I took this video along the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park. The mother Bison had just given birth to this little red dog. As soon as they can get up and walk, the mother Bison will get them safely back to the herd. She guided her newborn calf across the Madison river, then made sure it was by her side away from the woods, and then headed up the valley toward the herd. They have to stay with the herd for safety from the grizzlies and the wolves.

Not only is the bison mama tough, how about that newborn baby who enters the world and then walks across a raging river.

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The National Park Service tells how tough bison calves are. They can stand and nurse within 10 minutes of birth. Within a week, they're grazing on grass and drinking out of rivers. By comparison, it took me 7 years to learn to ride a bike. Duh.

It's one of those special Yellowstone moments when nature is being nature and we get to watch. Wouldn't want the park to be any other way.

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