For years, WWE fans have wondered what having Sting in the ring with the likes of John Cena and The Undertaker would be like. This October, 2K Sports is giving fans a peek at that fantasy, announcing the WCW legend as the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K15.

A brief trailer played during 'Monday Night Raw' announcing Sting's entry into the game, and today the official artwork for Sting released. We learned that we'll be getting two Stings for one pre-order: the surfer Sting from the early '90s and the Crow Sting from the late '90s. Not a single screenshot or second of in-game footage was shown. Oddly, we have yet to see a single in-game asset for WWE 2K15, which is amazing considering the frequency of leaks within the industry.

Sting's inclusion makes us wonder what the big "story" mode will be this year, and we can't help but think we're going to see "The Monday Night War" come alive in 2K15. For those unaware, that is the moniker used for the ratings war between WCW Monday Nitro (at the height of the nWo storyline) against the WWE's Attitude Era. Including that into the game would mean a flood of WCW wrestlers and arenas, neither of which we would have a single problem with.

WWE 2K15 will be releasing on Oct. 28 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.