Dr. John Michael Lonergan in Oklahoma claims to have a cure for all pain for life that he calls the “Jesus Shot” so the question is would you take the shot? Dr. Mike as he is known is the only person that knows what is in the shot and he is charging $300 a pop for the cure all.

This is like we have gone back in time to the snake oil salesman era. When people put together some concoction and sold it as a cure all for what ever ails you. Now I would think there is nothing that can really hurt you in this shot but do you really believe that just one shot can cure all of your pains?

I know in this day of take a pill and look like a super model people want to believe that it really works but please. This stuff never works and if it did Dr. Mike would be paid millions by some big company to keep it off the market.

Just a side note this Barbie Schrick at the clinic does a terrible job of acting. I just don’t buy that she didn’t know anything about the “Jesus Shot” do you?

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