How much do you know about homeless people in Grand Junction? Do you look away and ignore them? Would you even notice if one of the homeless was a relative?

This social experiment shows just how invisible homeless people are to those who pass by. It's sad we pay so little attention, it's possible even if the person was someone we knew, we wouldn't notice.

In Grand Junction it's even more complicated because many of the homeless in the community aren't on the corner panhandling or loitering on the sidewalk on Main Street so they really are practically invisible to most people.

Recent efforts to curtail visible homeless activities around town have been somewhat successful, or in the case of panhandling, challenged by groups like the ACLU.

Regardless, it still begs the question, if one of your relatives was homeless, would you notice? If you want to get to know what homelessness in Grand Junction is all about, volunteer to help at Catholic Outreach, Homeward Bound or other agencies that work with the homeless.

I guarantee it's an eye-opening experience which will give you the 'big picture' of the plight of the homeless. It will also help you understand how and why a homeless person could be your relative.