Let's hear it for women's rights!

Sonoko Tagami, 41, is suing the city of Chicago after she got a ticket this past summer for exposing her breasts during a rally for women to show their ta-tas in public.

Tagami wore opaque body paint on her nipples when two officers -- both female -- ticketed her for indecent exposure. Her lawyer says that ain't right:

We’re seeking protection for basic rights protected by the 1st and 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. You can’t enforce that ordinance if you don’t like what someone is saying, which I think what happened.  And the ordinance also seems to apply uneven treatment to men and to women.”

It's unclear how much Tagami is seeking in her suit and her lawyer says the end goal is to change the ordinance.

While it sounds cool, let's think this through. If women can go topless, what's to say men can go bottomless? No one needs that.

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