A Canadian judge didn't show much tolerance or sympathy for a woman who decided to impersonate another woman on Facebook. The lawyer for the Facebook fraudster says it got out of control when it went from a 'joke' to a crime.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

The judge in the case called the Facebook impersonation a new-level of bullying adding, "I can't solve that here today, but it is one of the challenges the courts are going to have to face, how we are going to deal with this."

Melissa Brandon decided to create a fake Facebook profile using pictures of a real pageant winner. The profile then became a way to scam quick cash from guys online. All of the scammed men were too embarrassed to pursue fraud charges, but were paid restitution.

The friend of the real girl in the pictures ran across the profile and alerted her. She tried to get Facebook to remove the profile and went to the police when that failed.

Not only did Melissa get shamed for ripping off the likeness of Brittany Bjerland by using her Miss Saskatchewan photos, she also is banned from the Internet. Melissa pleaded guilty Tuesday January 29, 2013 to impersonating Brittany for six months beginning in July 2011.

Prosecutors said the victims "ponied up quite a significant amount of money" in hopes of a date. The scam left pageant winner Brittany "extremely humiliated," with prosecutors adding that "She feels violated that her face and name were used to con young men out of money."

Melissa's parents helped her pay the guys she scammed back and now get the duty to monitor her Internet usage over the next six months. As well as making sure she does her 40 hours of community service.