Wolfmother are back, delivering blistering performances across the country on their "Gypsy Caravan" tour and on Saturday night (March 26) that meant a return to the band's "spiritual home" of Los Angeles and in particular the Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

During the course of the show, frontman Andrew Stockdale remarked how much he loved the Fonda Theater, enjoying one of the band's best shows from their early career at the venue, thus making it the perfect place to bring the show promoting their new Victorious album. Getting right down to business, Stockdale and his live-wire bandmates -- bassist / keyboardist Ian Peres and demonstrative drummer Alex Carapetis, opened with the title track to their Victorious album, meeting with a frenzied crowd. "New Moon Rising" kept the energy high and the crowd absolutely erupted when the opening notes of their breakthrough track "Woman" pulsed through the floorboards of the venue.

One thing is for certain: The band's new songs are right at home in the Wolfmother set list. The fist-pumping Victorious album opener "The Love That You Give" kept the energy high, the fuzzed out, bluesy "Gypsy Caravan" was greeted warmly, while audience members passed around a giant cutout of a wolf head grabbing the band's attention. And the stellar "Pretty Peggy," coming right after "Mind's Eye," gave fans a soulful breather at just the right moment in the set.

Other highlights of the set include the extended intro of "White Unicorn," the driving "California Queen," the sing-along moments of "Dimension" and the Andrew Stockdale solo track "Keep Moving." Finishing out the night, Wolfmother returned for the encore songs "Vagabond" and the undeniable fan favorite "The Joker & The Thief." With the energy still coursing through him as the final notes rang out, Stockdale smashed his guitar, ripped off his shirt and tossed both the shirt and the bass of the guitar into the audience to appreciative fans before all three band members came out front for a final bow.

Opening the night were Deap Vally, who proved to be a perfect complement to Wolfmother. The duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards generated fuzzed out, infectious goodness during their opening set, with applause building with each pending song. Primarily lit with a pair of globe-like blacklight globes, the duo had the look and sound of a group that would be right at home on a classic '70s blacklight poster. With a heavy low end on certain songs, you could feel the music buzzing through the baseboards of the Fonda floor. If you get the chance to see them, Deap Vally are definitely worth coming out early. Check out our photo gallery from the show above and look for Wolfmother on tour at these dates.

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