Within Temptation have announced that they will release their sixth studio album, ‘Hydra,’ on Jan. 31. In addition, the Dutch band has revealed some unexpected surprises in the form of guest appearances on the disc.

Known for creating their own brand of symphonic metal, Within Temptation have a few surprises in store on ‘Hydra.’ The guest list includes collaborations with Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum, former Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones and perhaps the most surprising of them all – hip-hop artist Xzibit. The set also includes the recently released track 'Paradise (What About Us?)' featuring former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen.

Xzibit joins forces with Within Temptation on a track called ‘And We Run,’ a song described by frontwoman Sharon Den Adel as an anthem about how to live your life. “He's rapping at full force on this song, it's really heavy,” says Adel. "Xzibit brings a new element to our music that we've never had before! It's a new cross-over and we love it!"

Jones' contribution comes on ‘Dangerous,’ one of the heavier tracks on the disc. “I always loved Howard's voice," shares Adel. "He makes the song even heavier than it already is. That song is one of my favorite songs on the record and one of the fastest we've ever written. It has the most bass drums we've ever used, too, and a very fast riff which we doubled with synths. It's not a typical synthesizer, though — it's distorted like a guitar, and it's very aggressive."

‘Hydra’ is currently available for pre-order in two different luxury formats – a digital premium version and a deluxe box set. The digital premium version also contains a handful of cover tunes including Within Temptation’s versions of Imagine Dragons' 'Radioactive' and Lana del Ray's ‘Summertime Sadness.’ Get full details on the album, as well as the pre-order info, at Within Temptation's official website.

'Hydra' Digital Premium Album Track Listing:

1. ‘Let Us Burn’
2. ‘Dangerous’ (feat. Howard Jones)
3. ‘And We Run’ (feat. Xzibit)
4. ‘Paradise (What About Us?)’ (feat. Tarja)
5. ‘Edge Of The World’
6. ‘Silver Moonlight’
7. ‘Covered By Roses’
8. ‘Dog Days’
9. ‘Tell Me Why’
10.’’Whole World Is Watching’ (feat. Dave Pirner)
11. ‘Radioactive’ (originally performed by Imagine Dragons)
12. ‘Summertime Sadness’ (originally performed by Lana del Ray)
13. ‘Let Her Go’ (originally performed by Passenger)
14. ‘Dirty Dancer’ (originally performed by Enrique Iglesias)
15. ‘And We Run’ (evolution track)
16. ‘Silver Moonlight’ (evolution track)
17. ‘Covered By Roses’ (evolution track)
18. ‘Tell Me Why’ (evolution track)
19. ‘Paradise (What About Us?) ‘(feat. Tarja) music video (exclusive to iTunes premium version)

‘Hydra’ Deluxe Box Set:

-'Hydra' 18-track album including bonus tracks in the form of a media book with a hot foil print cover, featuring a 100-page booklet consisting of unique photos
-Double gatefold black vinyl version of the album including bonus tracks
-Instrumental version of the entire album
-Songbook with sheet music of the songs of the album
-'Hydra; guitar pick
-Packaged in an especially designed LP-sized box

Watch a Preview Clip of Within Temptation's 'Hydra':

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