We all have at least a couple of those friends on Facebook who want to write about nothing but how awful the government is, or maybe the ones who just want to post pictures of themselves in the mirror day after day. Until now you've had two choices, delete them as a friend and cause a potentially toxic situation for yourself or pull your hair out looking at their sh** everyday. Luckily, our friends at Facebook have recognized this problem and fixed it. 

Basically what Facebook did was replace its "Hide All" button with the more succinct "Unfollow," letting users block all messages and posts from selected friends.

On Facebook, you can already unfollow organizations and people you are following but are not friends with. The ability to unfollow all users will simply standardize the language across the site, not to mention add protection to you when banishing exes from your News Feed.

Now if only we had an "unfollow" button for our so-called friends in real life too... And maybe that "dislike" button we have all been asking Facebook for forever now. Our lives would be so set!