NFL jerseys are great to wear on game day. They're also expensive. What if you could have several to chose from without spending so much?

Most us of us have no trouble deciding which jersey to wear on game day because we own only one, or maybe two. Guess what? Rotating jerseys are now a thing thanks to a Seattle based company called Rep The Squad. They offer rotating NFL jerseys and just added the Denver Broncos to the NFL fans they serve.

This is how it works, you go to their website and choose your favorite current or former player, pick your colors, and stash them in your virtual locker. Rep The Squad sends you your first selection, you wear for a week or more. When you're ready to rep your next player you send the jersey back and the next selection is sent out to you.

Some of the Broncos ready for action are John Elway, Emmanuel Sanders, Trevor Siemian and more all in bright orange, Classic Orange Crush, and old school white and blue. The company started back in August offering jerseys for the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and San Francisco 49ers. It's recently added the Oakland Raiders and now the Denver Broncos. The service costs $19.95 a month for adults and $16.95 a month for kids.

The company is partly owned by NFL players, the Seahawk's  Doug Baldwin, the Lions’  receiver Golden Tate, and LA Chargers’ offensive tackle Russel Okung. Cool, right?

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