A Colorado man is in trouble for having a toilet in his front yard and he's fighting to keep it there.

Everybody needs to have a toilet, but keeping it in the front yard might not be the best idea in the world - even if it is just for decoration. Not everybody in this man's neighborhood is thrilled with the idea of a front-yard toilet.

Toilet Prank Leads To Holiday Commode Decorations

According to FOX 31, the whole thing started a few months ago in the northern Colorado town of Windsor when some neighbors decided to prank Sean McGarry by placing a regular bathroom toilet in his front yard. McGarry decided to just go with the prank, leaving the toilet in his yard and decorating it for the holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Homeowners Association Is Not Amused

Anyone who lives under the umbrella of an HOA knows there are specific rules that must be followed regarding the appearance of your house and yard. The HOA in this man's Windsor neighborhood this week sent him a letter notifying him that he was in violation of its codes - and that the toilet needs to go.

At this time, there are no plans to remove the decorative toilet from the front yard. McGarry has started a GoFundMe to help him pay for HOA fines that may be coming down. Some neighbors apparently love the toilet display, while others are less than thrilled with the porcelain feature. On his fundraising page, McGarry says he's excited to see what they can do as a community.

"For a small amount of money, you can help keep smiles on the faces of everyone which makes this such a great place to live. Just imagine how negative everyone will become if we lose this battle"

Sean McGarry via GoFundME.com
Sean McGarry via GoFundMe.com
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How Would You Feel About A Toilet In Your Neighbor's Yard?

Would you be upset if your next-door neighbor was keeping a bathroom toilet in their front yard? It's not like it's being used. Right? My guess is most people would find it amusing initially but would want it removed after a reasonable length of time. It does make the neighborhood look trashy.  A joke is a joke - but then it's time to move on.

The Solution Is to Compromise

The simple solution is a compromise. Keep the toilet stored in the shed - and bring it out for short periods of time around the holidays and for special occasions. That seems like a reasonable compromise that could make everyone happy - even the HOA.

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