A puppy picked off by a hawk. Being tied down and accosted by a gaggle of clowns. According to this commercial, teose are some of the crappiest, most terrifying situations you can encounter in life. Well, that and not having the capacity to record more than one TV show at once.

In DIRECTV's latest commercial for its Genie service, where you can record as many as five shows at once, a couple laments the lack of recordability afforded by their regular old cable service.

We already know who the goddess that plays the Genie is. But what about the blonde on the other side of the screen? Who is this girl next door with a thing for couch potatoes?

Her name is Erin O'Reilly and with a name like that, she has to be a nice Irish gal. So she's like an Irish potato, a delicious and seasonal St. Patrick's Day treat.

O'Reilly -whose name also makes us think of the Ryan O'Reilly from 'Oz,' played by Dean Winter, who now hawks Allstate Insurance in commercials- hails from Massachusetts and has had parts on 'American Horror Story,' 'Heroes' and 'Big Bang Theory' as of late.

Go ahead and gawk.

Erin O'Reilly
Imeh Akpanudosen, Getty Images

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