Two words I never thought I would be putting in the same sentence, let alone next to one another... VAGINA TOAST. But, lucky for you, if you have ever though, hmmm... it would sure be nice to have an imagine of the female anatomy burned into my sandwich, you now actually can. 

I realize there are a ton of novelty items on the market. Every time I go to the mall I have a strange urge to go into Spencer's and look at all the wiener shaped items like cake pans and straws that are made for bachelorette parties. So, why am I so surprised that they have made a vag toaster?

Well, first off, no one eats toast for a bachelor party, so it's clearly not made for that. Secondly, I don't think a wiener is pretty by any means, but it does have a bit more to it than the woman's counterpart, so it seems weird that we would make anything vagina-based. Also, I don't like burned toast, so at least for me, the vagina is going to go to waste every time I use this thing. And finally, these people who are making these in many different colors, and that tells me they are serious about these things. Anything that is a joke, is done as cheap and easy as possible... This actually seems quality, and for $35 it better be! You could almost buy the real thing for that!

Get yours here.