We all have that one thing that really gets under our skin and drives us absolutely insane. What's one of yours?

An inconvenience could be someone driving slow in the fast lane to taking the trash to the curb, everyone has one that really pushes them to the ledge.

Here are five that really makes my blood boil -- maybe I need anger management classes.

  • Taking Out the Trash

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    Yes, this is a minor chore, but I forget to do it all the time. The moment I remember to take it out is when I hear the garbage truck leaving. At that point I'm mutter obscenities to myself.

  • Leaving the Remote on the Other Side of the Room

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    This is absolutely out of laziness, but you get me, right?

    Think about it, you just poured yourself your favorite beverage, sit down and get all comfy only to realize the remote is on your other chair.

    What do you do? Get up and get it, or say 'screw it' and watch whatever is on?

  • Slow Drivers


    Dude! Get. Out. Of. The. Fast. Lane. Goooo!

    Is what it sounds like riding in the car with me. I can't help it, growing up driving in the Detroit area made me hate traffic and slow drivers -- that goes double when there's snow on the road.

  • Waiting. Period.


    Waiting for a friend who said they would be somewhere 15 minutes ago ... I'm pacing!

    Waiting at the doctors office, 'Can we hurry this up, I may catch something.'

    Waiting on a slow Internet connection ... might as well end the world!

  • Empty Toilet Paper Roll


    This has to be on the top of everyone's list.

    The worst part, I live alone, so I'm the only one to blame. It's really difficult to cuss yourself out, but I try every time.