Hurricane Sandy was the sassiest of storms, to say the least -- the entire East Coast was affected in one way or another. Although the worst of the weather is over, Frankenstorm has still forced millions of people to stay inside and wait for outside damage to be cleared. Cue: major cabin fever.

The thought of being stuck in one place for days on end is enough to make us have a minor panic attack, but it turns out hurricane hermits from all over dealt with the storm in pretty creative ways. Luckily, Twitter and Instagram are still up and running to document these mid-hurricane attempts to stay sane.

So what were people doing during Hurricane Sandy?

They were...


@HarleyAnnCarter, Twitter

doing mid-storm yoga

Reading by book light under a garbage bag

@mmnjug, Twitter

eating chocolate chip cookies and making sequined shorts while listening to taylor swift

@carooollll, Twitter

making a hip hop combination to A nicki minaj remix!

making weird sandra dee-meets-hurricane cartoons

@ChrissySweeney, Twitter

putting a child in a dog crate

having a mary kate and ashley party with 'holiday in the sun'


cooking a massive slab of pork

@antherc, Twitter

eating questionable food

dressing up as a pink zebra, we think

@markricks, Twitter

making bart simpson snow art

And perhaps best of all...

Playing with "Dream Phone"

How did you survive Hurricane Sandy?