When it comes to searching for jobs in Colorado, there's one that gets googled more than any other - and it may surprise you.

According to Zippia, the most googled job in Colorado is an account manager.

You might have been expecting something like ski instructor, marijuana retail sales clerk, or tour bus operator. Any of the three would make sense.

At least, an account manager job sounds like a fairly normal job compared to other "most-googled" jobs across the country.

In Kentucky, the most googled job is "tree hugger." In California, it's "lion tamer" while folks in Georgia are most frequently searching for "stripper."

Using a tool called Google Trends, Zippia was able to determine what the most searched jobs were in each state, and the results are, at times, hilarious.

If you want to be a wellhead pumper, Kansas is your state. Interested in being a professional cuddler? New  York would be your state.

Then there is the great state of Utah, our next door neighbor to the west, where the most searched job is an esthetician. Without looking it up, how many people actually know what an esthetician does?