Grand Junction is a city in Colorado located in the westernmost section of the state near the Utah border. With a population of 65,560 as of 2020, the city is the largest in the area and with a population of that size with no comparable cities close by, has a large demand for jobs for its citizens.

Since the 1950s, what we now know as Colorado Mesa University has become increasingly important to the economy and employment of Grand Junction's workforce. However, the largest industry in the city of Grand Junction is undoubtedly the healthcare industry.

Employment in Grand Junction Colorado

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Of its roughly 65,000 citizens, roughly 29,400 of which are members of Grand Junction's workforce. Despite the largest employer in Grand Junction being Mesa County School District 51, the largest industry that employs the city's employees is the healthcare industry with roughly 5,340 of those jobs belonging to the field.

The Healthcare Industry in Grand Junction Colorado

Grand Junction's healthcare industry is largely represented by St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center, Community Hospital, Hilltop Community Resources Inc., and the Veterans Health Administration, although there are other healthcare employers in the area as well.

The most jobs currently held in Grand Junction are office and administrative support occupations with roughly 6,400 positions. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations make up roughly 4,900 current positions, healthcare support occupations make up roughly 3,200 positions, and registered nurses roughly 1,820.

There are numerous other positions in Grand Junction's healthcare industry that add up to make it the city's largest such as home health and personal care aides, personal care and service occupations, and nursing assistants.

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