What is "Manteresting," you ask? Simply put it's Pinterest for dudes! Instead of using frilly pins, you get to nail hot chicks and more on your "workbench." Man up and start nailing!

Dig this guys, spending time on Pinterest will dramatically lower your manliness, plus your friends will stop hanging out with you because your couch is full of fluffy pillows and other chick-type decorations you found on Pinterest.

Grow some balls and get your man-card back by joining Manteresting. Your eyes will thank you, your "soldier in your slacks" will thank you and your wife will hate that you're glued to the computer screen. Just tell her to back off, you're just finding plans for a fire pit or gazebo!

Like Pinterest, Manteresting is just a website where you find stuff all over the web and share it. Instead of "pinning" things to your "boards" like you do on Pinterest; Manteresting pumps up the testosterone by letting you "nail" things to your "workbench." And we know how much you love to nail things.

Still not convinced you should be on Manteresting, here are some of the awesome things you can find!

Hot Chicks


While on Manteresting, you'll be able to find all the smoking hot chicks your "brain" desires. Don't forget the keyboard protector. Have fun nailing a bunch of hot chicks on your "workbench."

Tutorials + DIY


The DIY + Tutorials that are available on Manteresting will show you just how easy you can cut off your arm or shoot your eye out with a nail gun. Don't forget your safety glasses and hard hats, it could get dangerous!

Cars + Motorcycles


Love anything with an engine? Manteresting has you covered, but not like your insurance plan, these vehicles are literally out of your reach. If this doens't get your engine revving, the last thing should!

More Hot Chicks


Yes! We are 12 years old and still giggle at the word "boobie!"

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