Since I have to work on the Fourth of July, I was curious to see what everyone else has planned. And Grand Junction has big plans for the Fourth of July. This is what Grand Junction is doing on the Fourth of July.

I asked you on our Facebook what you're doing for the Fourth of July, hoping that you'd have better plans than me. Don't get me wrong, I like working but I also like celebrating 'Murica too. This is what Grand Junction is doing on the Fourth of July.

Linda told me their go-to Fourth of July party spot is Lincoln Park. She said it's a great place for parents to relax and for the kids to go swimming. (And go down that crazy cool water slide.)

I may have invited myself to this block party. I asked Melanie which block is this party on and she told me Elm and Melody Lane. Thanks Melanie, keep a beverage cold for me until I get off work.

Kimberly, this sounds like the perfect Fourth of July. I love fishing and also the mountains and fishing in the mountains. I hope you catch a big one while you're there, in the name of America.

I'm not the only one that in this boat. We can always celebrate after we're done making money. Plus I think Lady Liberty would be proud of us both.

Sports and fireworks -- sound pretty American to me. This sounds a great time for kids and adults alike. Cheers to the team for playing on the Fourth.

This is pretty much what I picture when I think of the Fourth of July in Grand Junction. I'm definitely making a splash in my pool after work.

Not everyone like to or wants to go out for the Fourth of July. Danielle has a low key, relaxing night planned with her family. And that sounds just as good as the rest of Grand Junction's plans.

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