As the new amphitheater at Las Colonias Park nears completion, it's time to start thinking possible bands that could grace its new stage this inaugural season.

As you start dreaming of who you would love to see, remember that this is a relatively small venue and the local promoters budgets are just as minuscule. What I'm saying is, Metallica isn't an option so don't bother going there. Here's a list of 5 that I came up with based on the following criteria; 1) On tour this summer/fall. 2) Affordable, to make the math work for everyone involved. 3) Most importantly, compelling enough to get you and your lawn chair out to the gig.


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Seether is always solid. I've seen this band several times and they're always a great show. They have several hits and are making a west coast run in early June.


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Halestorm is one of my favorites. I've supported this band since their very beginning. It's been fun to watch them grown in popularity and see the band having success. They're scheduled for the High Elevation Festival in Septemeber. It would be easy to add a one-off here in Junction.

3-Three Days Grace

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These Canadians can really bring it. When you look back, there were few bands with as much success in the early 2000's. Always a great live performer and after a run through Europe this summer there's no reason they couldn't make a stop on their US leg.

4-Papa Roach

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This west coast band has been together since 1993. Their second album "Infest" was a killer record and they've been bringing the heat ever since. They're scheduled to make a run out to Oregon in August. I say they should stop and help break in our new digs along the way.


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I admit I tossed this one completely on personal preference. This photo was shot at Rocklahoma in 2015. You can't see me but I'm standing just off to the side of the stage. In the middle of a downpour, Starset still brought an amazing performance. If you don't know this band, you need too. They're an amazing talent and their live "demonstrations" are amazing.

There you have it. My wish list for the new amphitheater at Las Colonias Park. Who would you like to see? Please let us know. I'm working closely with the city and Monumental Events to pull some shows together and would love your feedback.

Also too, click through the gallery below and see for yourself just how close to competition the venue is. It's about showtime!.