The record snowpack could lead to late summer wildfire problems.

The drought is finally over as Colorado enjoyed one of the wettest winters and heaviest snowfalls in recent history. Many say it will be well into June before the last of the snow melts on top of The Grand Mesa. Colorado's snowpack is currently tied for the second highest in nearly 30 years at 157% of the average! In comparison, last year’s was tied for the third worst.

Now we're getting reports that as all that runoff will water fields of grass that have gone dormant during the drought. This will regenerate the grass and it will grow back taller and thicker than it has in years. After a long hot summer, the fields will likely dry out creating an even more dangerous situation than before. That means this fall's wildfire season could be more dangerous than normal.

Most wildfires are started by humans. Please take a couple of minutes and review these fire safety tips...

  1. Keep an eye on the forecast. If a High Wind Warning is issued, don't start a fire. A controlled bure can get out of control in minutes. Wind cause wildfires to spread quickly. Wind can easily pick up embers and start fires in other locations.
  2. Don’t flick cigarette butts out the car window. If you smoke, dispose of your cigarette butt properly.
  3. Always double check to make sure your campfire, bonfire, or grill is completely out and cool to the touch before leaving it behind. Drown it with water several times to make sure it's out.

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