So online dating or meeting someone off Facebook with the hopes it blossoms into love isn't unheard of or as strange as it used to be. Despite online dating becoming more socially accepted and 'normal', it still does carry some real risks and dangers as one woman found out.

An unnamed woman decided to go out with David Ryan Gobel who she apparently met online. So on Saturday January 12, 2013 the big date was on at Infinity Nightclub on North Ave,

Like most ladies going to the club she apparently had no pockets and asked David to hold her keys. Being a gentleman he took the keys to her 1997 Saturn, but at some point allegedly ended the date with some auto theft.

David allegedly stole his date's car and hit an SUV while trying to flee. Somehow the car ended up on the train tracks and crushed by a train,

Mesa County Sheriff's deputies found the girl's keys on David and busted him on suspicion of several charges including driving while on an alcohol impaired license, auto theft and careless driving.

The Facebook page for David R. Goebel posted this just before new year, "My new years resolution.....quit making stupid ass choices! Why I make things hard on myself...idk? M OVER IT!"