This once-in-a-lifetime Supermoon will make history. Make plans not to miss it. The full moon on Nov. 14 will appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger than usual. It will be the closest to Earth since 1948.

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Getty Images

 Specifically, a "supermoon" is used “to describe the full or new Moon when it’s less than 223,000 miles from Earth.

Supermoons are not that rare, but this one is newsworthy for the simple fact that the orbit of the moon will come closer to our planet than it has any time in the last 68 years. We’re also not expected to see a supermoon like this again until 2034 so you’re advised to check it out between midnight and sunrise on Monday.
Best places to check it out on the Western Slope? Up on The Mesa, Cold Shivers Point on the Colorado National Monument are great places but really anywhere will work. Unlike stargazing, where getting outside of town and away from city lights are vital for success, supermoon watching works just fine in your own back yard.

Also, I checked the forecast and we'll have clear nights through the middle of next week.
Happy Supermoon 2016! .

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