Move over pizza, here comes the weed delivery dude.

Colorado lawmakers are taking another look at marijuana delivery regulations. The first attempt at weed delivery was shot down. The game has changed somewhat now that Oregon approved delivery last February and started granting permits to more than 100 weed retailers. Nevada and California have already started granting marijuana delivery permits for medical marijuana and are exploring delivery for recreational marijuana as well.

If the bill becomes law a state-licensed delivery provider could pick up your medical or recreational marijuana products from a licensed dispensary and deliver the goods to registered medical marijuana cardholders or adults over the age of 21. The delivery would have to be an actual address. It's not quite like ordering a pizza. No deliveries to hotel rooms, dorm rooms. or the local B&B. No late not drops either. Deliveries would be limited to between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. local time, and the delivery person would have to verify and ID the person who placed the order and can't deliver you the goods if you're visibly intoxicated. All delivery drivers would be subject to certain security and tracking rules too. They'd be limited on the amount of product in their vehicles, adhere to health and safety standards; and be properly trained.

If all goes according to plan, the state could start issuing licenses as soon as Sept. 1st, 2018. No word as to when the first delivery would be made in your neighborhood. And when the time comes, I'm sure there will be an app for that.

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