The life and times of Static-X frontman Wayne Static have been bizarre lately. That may not surprise too many people who are familiar with the 'Dragonball Z'-haired nu-metaller, but between his feud with former Static-X bassist Tony Campos, being pressed with felony drug charges, hernia surgery, suicidal thoughts and much more, Static's life has been turbulent in all the wrong ways.

Static-X went on hiatus in 2009 so Wayne Static could write his 'Pighammer' solo album, and after much mud-slinging and confusion, Static confirmed that his band was no more earlier this year. An increasingly ugly feud with Tony Campos recently hit new heights when he and Static couldn't come to an agreement on licensing the Static-X name. "We came up with a dollar amount where I would license the Static-X name and go out on tour," Wayne Static tells Gotham News. "And… it was just too much money. I had to keep playing six shows a week non-stop in order to pay him what he wanted."

Static also spoke about some controversial drug charges filed against him. "My f---ing tour manager ended up getting involved in a drug deal and he tried to pin it on me and Tera. So we had felony drug charges in Kentucky that we were fighting so I had to pay $20,000 out of my own pocket and went f---ing bankrupt … Then I find out he was embezzling from me… All this while I’m recovering from surgery."

Finally, Static acknowledged his struggles with suicidal thoughts and depression stemming from the extreme turmoil engulfing his life. "I’ve got a lot to be angry about," Static begins. "Facing felony drug charges, people embezzling money from me and all this s--t. Man, last year was a tough year. I f---ing went on Prozac for a while and thought I was gonna kill myself. It was a f---ing hard, hard, hard year. Things are finally coming around now."

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