We're getting more looks at the scary flooding that caused chaos throughout Texas last week.

In the above video, which has quickly gone viral, a couple's vacation home in the town of Wimberley is beaten down when the flooding Blanco River comes bursting in, taking out everything in the residence that's in the path of the raging water. You can feel the fear and shock the couple, who remained upstairs while watching the devastation, must have experienced in that moment.

Homeowners Sarah and Ernie Perez were rescued by boat and are doing okay.

You can watch homeowners the couple talk about the frightening ordeal below. She may have been making an understatement when when she said, "I couldn't believe what was happening."

Other amazing stories from the flood continue to emerge, as well. A police officer in the town of Sachse had to be rescued by chopper after he was stranded in high water for two hours.

A police spokesman said, “While he was there the water crested the road just to the north of him, and surrounded him before he could get out."

The officer was not injured. You can see the dramatic rescue below:

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