The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo welcomed a new addition to their family and it's absolutely adorable. Watch the zoo's new wolf pup snuggle with its mama.

On Friday (April 19) one of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Mexican wolves gave birth to a sweet little pup. This wolf pup wants nothing but to snuggle up and be close to its mama, which you can see in the video below.

According to the Rocky Mountain Wild Animal Manager, Dina Bredahl, the wolf pup is doing great. It's grown a lot (already) since it's been born, which is a good sign. Dina also said this about the pup:

It's got a really cute full, round belly and dark fur. Mexican wolves grow up to have sandy, gray fur, but their pups are born with dark fur.

Congratulations to the parents, Luna and Navarro, whose family has just gotten bigger. This pup will have lots of siblings to play with, Luna and Navarro have four 1-year-old pups -- Phoenix, Shadow, Bluestem and Hope. Luna seems to be a great mom, you can see how gently she cuddles with her pup and licks it lovingly.

The birth of this Mexican wolf pup is important for the Mexican wolf population. According to KOAA:

There are only 131 Mexican wolves in the wild and only 300 in human care.

The Mexican wolf is currently an endangered subspecies and I hope to see them off of that list, I think this wolf pup is a step toward that.

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