Sometimes when a guy gets comfortable in a relationship he takes for granted what he has and forgets to take his socks off before climbing into bed. And that simple lack of judgement is just one of the reasons a woman might stray and find herself a new man for the night. Here are some of the other things you (men) can do to cause you lady to cheat... 

A dating website that helps people have extramarital flings polled thousands of users to reveal the top five male habits that drive women to cheat. They are:

  • Being ungentlemanly (stealing the sheets, for instance)
  • Being narcissistic (i.e. focusing on their own pleasure over their partner’s)
  • Talking dirty when their partner isn’t in the mood
  • Not being creative enough in the sack (this one speaks for itself)
  • Skipping foreplay

65% of these ladies said that they would be happy to only sleep with their actual partner if he would just follow these simple rules. Basically just remember to take off your socks before making love and to wait until it's over to check your Facebook on your phone and you'll have yourself a committed lady! As for the dude's who happen to be with the other 35%, sounds like you are fu**ed, and most likely so is your best friend, neighbor, and mailman!