Everybody loves the new commercial featuring Leonard Nimoy and his alter-Spock, Zachary Quinto. This isn't Nimoy's first rodeo, though. He has pitched many a product while borrowing cliches from his alter-ego. Check out these other Leonard Nimoy 30-second-bits-o-brilliance and vote for your favorite.

Here's the one everybody is raving about, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinty pitching Audi with "The Challenge."

My personal favorite, Mr. Nimoy's campaign for Aleve.

A classic, Leonard Nimoy's pre-infomercial for Magnavision.

It doesn't get any more Spock than this, Leonard Nimoy's pitch for Hallmark.

Here's an awkward scenerio for Leonard Nimoy with a commercial for Optik TV.

Here he is with a fellow crew member with an ad for Western Airlines.

Here's the one people we all were waiting for..... Leonard giving his old friend the boot.

Here's one for BMW, where he offers his contempt for another icon with a famous set of ears.