If you've never checked out death metal supergroup Voodoo Gods, now is the time to try 'em out. Fronted by Cannibal Corpse's George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher and featuring former contributors to Decapitated and Deicide among others, Voodoo Gods have just blasted out the new video for 'Renaissance of Retribution.'

Although Voodoo Gods have only released one EP, 'Shrunken Head,' the band has a fairly storied history. Behemoth frontman Nergal played bass on the EP, while former Morbid Angel drummer / vocalist Mike Browning handled those double duties on 'Shrunken Head' as well. The lineup has morphed a lot since the 2008 EP and Voodoo Gods' debut album, 'Anticipation for Blood Leveled in Darkness,' will be released on July 28.

Both Corpsegrinder and former Deicide live vocalist Seth Van de Loo handle vocal duties for the current Voodoo Gods lineup, while Alex Voodoo handles drums, Jacek Hiro (ex-Decapitated) mans the guitar and Jean Baudin (Nuclear Rabbit) lays down the bass licks.

Voodoo Gods' is a straight-up death metal ripper with some impressive musicianship coming from all members. The high shrieks of Seth Van de Loo work well with Corpsegrinder's bellowing guttural vocal and we can't wait to hear more from the upcoming full-length.

Keep your ears open for Voodoo Gods' 'Anticipation for Blood Leveled in Darkness,' due July 28.