Now that the six-game suspension has been served Von Miller is set to return to the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have done pretty good going 6-0 while Miller was out but the last couple of weeks the Broncos have missed Miller in the pass rush area.

The Broncos come into week seven with the worst pass defense in the league. They have given up over 2,000 yards at 338 yards per-game and 11 passing touchdowns. They need to pressure the quarterback a little bit more.

Von Miller could be the answer. He will join the team in full practices this week and is expected to play Sunday night Against the Colts. Miller’s return comes at the right time, as the Broncos will start a tough part of their schedule.

The Broncos will play in Indianapolis this week then have big dates with Kansas City, New England, San Diego and Houston over the next eight weeks. Playing well over this period could mean the Broncos get home field for the playoffs. That has to be the goal of this team right now.

Von Miller has said he wants to regain the trust of his team, then go out there and play like a beast and lead this defense out of the cellar. That will regain the trust of your team and could lead to a good set up for the post-season.