It's the most wonderful time of the year… Halloween, that is! And whenever you head out to a rock or metal show during the end of October, you may see one of your favorite bands in costume. On Oct. 28, Hellyeah fans were given the surprise of drummer Vinnie Paul dressed as the iconic King Diamond.

The entire band dressed up for the Colorado gig, with each member bringing out their scary side. Vinnie Paul stands out as King Diamond, however, looking almost unrecognizable in the trademark face paint and top hat.

Hellyeah posted a full band photo via Facebook:


In other Vinnie Paul news, the Hellyeah / Pantera drummer has some interesting hangover cures! In an interview with FMX 94.5 earlier this month, Paul suggested two key remedies:

There's a couple of things. There's two things that would really do it for you. Obviously, the one that people are pretty aware of that we've been doing for years, which is Pedialyte. It definitely has about, I don't know, ten times the electrolytes of Gatorade or anything like that. A bottle of that and that'll get you back on the right track. And then, to me, even a more immediate cure, which I discovered that I really love, is pickle juice, man. I don't know what it is, but something about the vinegar gets up right up to your muscles and rehydrates you and gets you back going. I drink almost a bottle of pickle juice every day, man, and it keeps me going great.

Listen to Vinnie offer up his hangover remedies here:

There you have it, kids! If you're feeling the effects of a long night, head to the fridge and chug that pickle brine.

Hellyeah's newest album, 'Blood for Blood,' was released earlier this year. To grab a copy of the record, click here.

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