A home for sale in Vail, Colorado is absolutely massive and carries a $9.8 million price tag. Here's why:

Location of Vail Home

The home is located at 1451 Buffehr Creek in Vail. Not only is the home pricy because of its location in the town of Vail, but it's located in such a spot on one of Vail's mountains that it has magnificent views of the surrounding Colorado beauty, but also the town of Vail.

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Size of Vail Home

Another reason that the home is worth so much money is its sheer size. The home has a total of four bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, and is 5,292 square feet in size. In addition, the home sits on 0.6 acres which is a big chunk of land when it comes to the world-famous ski town.

The Architecture of the Vail Home

The home is not only massive in size but is quite breathtaking just to look at. The home has unique architecture on the outside and inside alike. In addition, the home features numerous outdoor patios, some of which are located on the roof.

Vail Home Offers the Epitome of Luxury

The home is certainly a perfect choice for someone that likes to live in the lap of luxury and has the money to do so. Some of the amazing, luxurious things that come with the home include multiple fireplaces, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, and cabinets, a hot tub, and more.

In addition, the home has a large two-car garage as well as an adjoining carport for multiple vehicles.

Take a virtual tour of a massive $9.8 million Vail home that will make your jaw drop:

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