A man in Utah left his dog in the car while he was skiing with no food, no water, no nothing. This is definitely not how you're supposed to treat your best friend.

On Sunday morning officers responded to a call about a dog barking in a car in a park and ride lot according to KDVR. After Officer Salmon arrived on the scene, he could tell the dog had been in the car for a while and it needed to get out.

After the officer got the poor dog out of the car, he even waited an hour to see if the owner would come around. Officer Salmon then took the dog to the police station and fed the freezing pup.

The dog's owner did show up to pick up his dog in that afternoon and his excuses didn't make things any better. His defense to leaving his best friend aka his dog in his car while skiing:

I left the windows cracked.

I'm not sure how this helps your dog, considering it was freezing outside. The owner of this dog somehow thought that leaving his dog in the car was better than leaving him at home. This person seems like an idiot who doesn't deserve to have a dog.

He ended up getting some city code citations, but no animal cruelty charges.

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