It's been hot as balls in Colorado and there's nothing worse than feeling like you're burning alive the second you get into your car. Fret no more, try these few hacks to get your car comfortably cool.

Source: ABC 13 and Buzzfeed

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    Crack and Fan

    If there's no sign of rain, crack your window when you park your car. You no longer have to risk your life sitting by immediately sitting in your sweltering car. Open your passenger window and then open and close the driver's side. By using your door as a fan, this will help push the hot air out.

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    Turn and Spray

    You can't wait to drive away but man, that steering wheel is scorching your skin! Instead of waiting for it to cool off or buying a weird wheel cover here's what you should do. When you park, turn your steering wheel so that it's not in the sunlight. Still too hot? Grab a spray bottle and the evaporation will help it cool off.

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    Full On Freon

    Keep it cool with freon. Make sure it's filled to the top and is nice and cool. You know something is up when your car is blowing air, but it is definitely not cool. If your car overheats, turn on the heat, pull over, open the hood and do not drive. Hot cars suck but a non running car sucks more.