His neighbors aren't pleased because, instead of getting shells that had been cleaned, this guy went the cheap route and paved his long driveway with shells that still contained clam meat in them. Obviously, they roasted in the summer sun, really stunk up the entire neighborhood and even spawned a maggot invasion! Well, we have an update!

After rotting in the sun for the last few weeks, TurnTo10.com reports that the clam road is being removed!  The town of Tiverton served a cease and desist order to the property owner, ordering him to remove the rotting clams by June 17th.  After an investigation by the Department of Environmental Management, it was determined that there was enough rotting clam meat in the shells for them to be considered waste.  Therefore, they had to be removed and disposed of in the proper manner.

Bummer for the homeowner that no has to re-pave his road again, but at least the neighborhood can breathe a collective sigh of relief...literally!

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