The University of Colorado now has its very own beer, which is coming out this Friday. This is what I think the name Colorado Mesa University's beer should be.

Avery Brewery teamed up with the University of Colorado and created 'Stampede' -- the University of Colorado's very own beer. The beer is coming out this Friday and it's even got their mascot on the can.

Since the University of Colorado has their very own beer with their very own mascot, Ralphie the Buffalo, on the can, it got me thinking about CMU. If Colorado Mesa University had their own beer, this is what I think it would be called. (P.S. if you work at a brewery and want to make this happen, let me know.)

What's The Herd?

Colorado Mesa's University's student body is known as The Herd. I think Colorado Mesa University's beer would incorporate this, but make it funny. What's the Herd? is a lager in my mind. (Again if you want to make these beers happen, let me know)

Magical Maverick

The next idea for the name of Colorado Mesa University's beer is the Magical Mavericks. Think Rowdy the Maverick all dressed up with a wand in hand a wizard hat too. Magical Maverick would be an IPA for sure.

Mesa Menace

The Mesa Menace would show an extremely ripped Rowdy the Maverick, with red eyes and a dark, menacing look on his face. I picture this being a darker beer, maybe a stout of porter.

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