What was supposed to be a casual trip to a mall turned tragic as a two-year-old boy, unfortunately, passed away from a serious fall.

Yesterday, Sunday, July 265th, the incident happened at the Aurora Town Center's mall in Aurora, Colorado, at around 4:30 in the afternoon.

According to reports, the two-year-old boy's father was holding him while riding an escalator when the boy slipped from his father's grip, causing him to plummet two stories where he was found unconscious.

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While the boy did not pass away immediately following the fall, he did succumb to his injuries early this morning. Aurora Police Department spokesperson Agent Matthew Longshore made a statement to CBS Denver regarding the incident:

This Monday is especially difficult, the 2-year-old who fell yesterday has died from their injuries early this morning.

The fall was also witnessed by several people that were also shopping in the mall yesterday, including Cesar Solorzano who gave this statement regarding the incident:

I was in one of the shoe stores and I heard a lot of screaming, I heard a lady screaming, then out of nowhere the shop owner ran outside he was on the phone I heard him saying that something happened, and he couldn’t close the store because he had guests. And then he looked at me, he told me what happened, that a little kid fell off the escalator.

While the incident is currently being regarded as a tragic accident and no foul play is suspected, police are still currently investigating.

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