True Blood’ season six will finally spill out its premiere episode “Who Are You, Really?” this Sunday on HBO, and its fang-banging fans are dying to find out the answers to the unsolved mysteries of season five and beyond. To help get ready for the new season, we’ve put together 10 burning questions we can’t wait to see answered in ‘True Blood’ season six, from Billith to Warlow!

  • 1

    Bill or Billith?

    So Bill Compton plus a full vial of Lillith’s blood equals a dead puddle of Bill. Suddenly, Bill reemerges from the pool of blood covered in red and more powerful than ever, so solve for X! ‘True Blood’ has always played pretty fast and loose with its mythology, but we’re desperate to find out about Bill’s new form, which seemed rather bestial in its inaugural appearance. It looks like he can fly, but is he still Bill on the inside? What other abilities might the one-time Mr. Compton have gained from the transformation?

  • 2

    Who Is Warlow, Really?

    Speaking of vampires with unusual abilities, will we finally learn the identity of the mysterious Warlow, who seems to be able to project himself across time and space, but only recently bothered to start haunting his old gal pal Sookie? Jason likely has more of an ax to grind with the purportedly ancient vampire, but hopefully it won’t take too long to get a good look at this major season six villain’s ugly mug, and find out his obsession with the Stackhouses.

  • 3

    Jason Sees Dead People?

    For those familiar with Charlaine Harris’ novels, Jason Stackhouse has been given a different treatment in HBO’s adaptation so as to eschew any supernatural abilities, at least for now. HBO has well-established that Jason doesn’t share Sookie’s fairy abilities, but what’s up with the visions of his parents from last season? Might there be some kind of extrasensory perception going on, or was it all in his head? And would he even be able to defeat Warlow on his own?

  • 4

    What Happened to the Fairies?

    And for the record, what’s going on with the fairy realm anyway? When we last saw the fairies in our brief visit from the season four premiere, civil war had broken out among the desolate realm and its less than visually appealing inhabitants. Sookie managed to escape, and so did a group of fairies who formed the club last season, but what of the species itself?

  • 5

    Who Is Rutger Hauer Playing?

    The initial announcement of Rutger Hauer’s new regular character bore the name “Macklyn,” which led many to believe Hauer would in fact turn out to be Warlow himself, who first bore an “M” initial. ‘True Blood’ season six previews certainly show off Hauer in unique interactions with Jason and Sookie, but why has the character since been renamed Niall Brigant, a fairy character from the books whose significance we won’t reveal? Might there be a longer con in play, or was the initial announcement a cover?

  • 6

    What Happened to Luna?

    We’ve greatly enjoyed the presence of Janina Gavankar’s Luna over the past few seasons, though season five didn’t exactly leave her fate clear. If in fact Luna winds up dead from her skin-walking experiences, leaving Emma presumably in the care of Sam (or the wolves), will that mean a greater exploration of Shifters and their relationship to the supernatural community? How long can it really be before other supernatural entities become as exposed as the vampires following Luna’s televised transformation?

  • 7

    Where Has Sarah Newlin Been?

    It’s been four seasons, but Anna Camp will finally return this season as Sarah Newlin, former wife to the reverend-turned AVL spokesperson Steve Newlin. So what has Sarah been up to all this time, considering their marriage had been on the rocks well before Steve came out of both coffin and closet? And how might she react to her husband’s new lifestyle? Does the Fellowship of the Sun have anything to do with the new anti-vampire sentiment?

  • 8

    Will Alcide Turn to the Dark Side?

    Alcide Herveaux has run plenty hot-blooded before, but can he truly step up to the role of pack master? We’ll find out this season, as the rippled and beardly Bon Temps resident takes charge and faces the threat of wolves going public like the vampires before them. Alcide may have eliminated V usage from the pack, but who's to say he won’t let the power go to his head, even with his father (Robert Patrick) around full time?

  • 9

    Are Vampires Doomed?

    Now that the True Blood factories are no more, and Bill has emerged as a messiah figure of sorts, just what will happen to the Vampire race now that the humans have turned on them? Will Governor Truman Burrell (Arliss Howard) lead his people in a mass persecution or will the Vampires bite back even harder? Expect some major conflicts to arise this season, with the human race taking surprising (and devious) measures to fight back against the fanger threat.

  • 10

    Who Won't Survive the Season?

    Death has long been a tradition of ‘True Blood,’ but this year we’ve received a special warning from series star Joe Manganiello, as the actor told reporters in April, “We’re getting to the point in the season now where people are starting to die. The table reads are starting to get smaller, and I’m sure they will continue to do that.” The season’s seventh episode bears the ominous title “The Funeral,” and the loudest rumors put Eric Northman himself on the chopping block! Rumor or no, could multiple characters either greet the sun or face the ax this year?