From the "wow, this looks ridiculous" file comes a hot new rumor from Joystiq. Apparently we can all expect a new Xbox 360 Kinect game called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Training Lair to hit the Xbox Live Arcade soon, and it sounds like it's going to make us look ridiculous in ways we've never looked before.

According to Xbox Achievements' page for the game, which highlights every Achievement available and showcases the game's official box art, Training Lair will soon be a thing we can play. There's also the Twitter account of Lifelower, who recently posted screenshots of himself reportedly playing the game.

We're not sure exactly what to make of this game, but these screenshots seem to show off a Fruit Ninja-esque slicing game, and the Achievements mention specific challenges for each of the four turtles. Other than that, we have no solid idea what this is and probably won't until it launches.

The game is clearly a tie-in to the upcoming Michael Bay 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' film, and by the looks of it we're going to be moving around like our favorite heroes on the half shell when playing it, but we don't understand why the Ninja Turtles can't get a decent-looking game all of a sudden. Did all of the Turtle magic dry up in the NES and SNES days?

We'll keep you posted on any official word about this supposed Ninja Turtle game as it releases.