Though the film has already begun shooting, it seems that the casting of 'Thor: The Dark World' wasn't finished, and the film has added two new players: Richard Brake and Clive Russell.

Richard Brake is likely the more familiar face of the two for comic book fans as he played Joe Chill in 'Batman Begins.' As a working actor, he's appeared in films like Steven Spielberg's 'Munich as "Belligerent American" and Joseph Kahn's 'Detention' as "Billy Nolan's Dad." As Deadline Hollywood tells us, in 'Thor: The Dark World' he'll be playing a captain of the elite warriors known as the Einherjar.  In the comics it was these men who originally trained Thor, so it's possible we could be getting more origin stuff, or perhaps he needs new allies.

Russell is probably best known for his turn as Captain Tanner in the 'Sherlock Holmes' movies, though 'Spaced' fans might know him as the head of Darkstar Comics Damien Knox. (We were also found of his credit  in 'The 13th Warrior' as "Helfdane - Fat"). He'll be playing Tyr, Thor’s older brother and Asgard’s God of War. And it sounds as though he and Thor have a contentious relationship. Though the first film had its problems, we're excited for this new movie and these casting choices sound good. 'Thor: The Dark World' is scheduled to be released November 8, 2013.