National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration proclaim "The US marked its wettest winter on record."

If you've been thinking "they're getting a lot of snow in the high country", you would be right. It's littery been one extreme to another. After a record drought, the NOAA says..."much of the western US received above-average precipitation." They go on to report, "...while regions in the Great Lakes, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys, and High Plains experienced much-above average and record precipitation."

The snowfall has been record-setting not only in the Rocky Mountains but all across the country. Several cities report receiving record snowfalls. In February alone Seattle got over 20 inches of snow! Even in places where it snows often they broke records. Minneapolis got nearly 40 inches in February and Eau Claire, Wisconsin over 50!

How's all of this impacting the local drought situation? It's all but over. By the end of last month, the US Drought Monitor map showed only 11.9% of the country was still considered in a drought designation. That's down from 16.5% at the end of January.

Credit: NOAA

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