Summer is right around the corner and grills will be out in full force during the warmer months in Northern Colorado. More often than not, when someone invites you to a BBQ, there will probably be burgers and hot dogs. I hate to break it to you, but that isn't a BBQ. Barbeque is meat smoked low and slow. Temperatures on the grill run anywhere between 225 to 275 degrees to achieve a smoky flavor that really cannot be mimicked by cooking meat quickly. .

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There are five different styles of BBQ. Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Coloradan's are wild about Texas-style BBQ according to BBQ Revolution. In fact, Texas-style is the most popular across the United States with a total of 33 states preferring this style of BBQ.


Overall, the most popular meat when it comes to BBQ is brisket followed by a whole turkey. I am actually quite surprised to see that pork ribs like Baby Back and St. Louis Style came in so low on the popularity list.


I will be barbequing quite a bit this summer on my pellet grill. The best part about having a pellet grill is that I can fill the hopper and let it do its thing. Before you know it, you have a nice chunk of smoky meat ready to serve.


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