As the 4th of July approaches and we celebrate the 238th birthday of our country I thought I would share a few thing you shouldn’t do with fireworks. Like many I had bottle rocket wars in the back yard but maybe it’s a bad idea to set your face on fire with fireworks.

When I was growing up we would always have a ton of fireworks to play with. It seemed like every stand had some sort of buy one get one deal going on and I would start saving in May so I could have a huge box to shoot off.

One year my Uncle got me a job unloading fireworks and let me tell you that year I bet I shot off at least $1,000 worth. I had rockets, mortars; huge multi shot cubes and just about one of everything I could my hands on.

That year we started around 9:30 and went until midnight or so. That is when the cops showed up and made us stop for the night. Those were fun days indeed. Be safe this Independence Day and don’t forget to remember those who made this holiday possible.