We've recently realized kids offer us some very valuable insight into life's strangest and toughest questions. For example: What do dinosaurs feel like? Answer: They don't like to be CRUUUUSHED! The guys over at Adult Swim's 'Thing X,' the new website from some former 'Onion' staffers, decided to pick the brain of a typical human child to see what really goes on in these smart cookie minds.Little dude Cormac is the interview subject, and he's forced to respond to some pretty hard-hitting questions. The three-year-old shares with us his favorite type of tree, the best part about living in Brooklyn and why he can't answer any questions regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Cormac also gives us his well though-out answer to the following question: who do YOU think would win-- one giraffe or five raccoons? Watch Cormac's answer and then tell us yours.