Looking back it really may suck that Denver Broncos head coach John Fox decided to sit Peyton Manning in the second half of the Broncos win over the Oakland Raiders this last Sunday. Manning, who broke the single season record for passing yards, may actually have to give the record back to the books and settle for second place on the list. 

Don't get me wrong, I was all for sitting Peyton with a 31-0 lead, and having already passed nearly every single season record that a quarterback can. And after seeing our number two, Brock Osweiler, run the team in the second half, I would hate to see Peyton get hurt in a meaningless game right before the playoffs.

All that being said, Peyton only passed Drew Brees' yardage record by 1 single yard, and some jealous Saints fan called the NFL office looking for anyway to take away what is rightfully Peyton's. So, the NFL looked high and low, and found a 7-yard completion from Manning to Eric Decker with just over a minute remaining in the first quarter that they say was thrown behind the line of scrimmage which would mean it's technically a running play, and therefore would take 7 yards off of Manning's total for the year.

Now hold on one second... If the referees mess up a call during a game and cost a team a victory do they go back and switch who wins the game? Nope! If they mess up a call, give a guy and give a guy a catch that actually hit the ground, do they take those yards away after they game? No way! Did they go through every single pass Drew Brees threw in his record setting season to make sure his were all legit? Doubtful!

My point... Give Peyton the record that he deserves! End of story!