When I got word a local fab shop was creating me a custom tumbler I must admit I wasn't all that excited. When I saw the finished product, how cool it looked and then discovered how well it worked, I was blown away!

Tech Energy is a local power-coating and sandblasting company here in Junction. They build custom metal parts and signs. Their plasma table has engraving capabilities that can customize any idea or design. They also can powder-coat all the metal parts and pieces you need for any metal project.

Take them your idea and they'll bring it to life. They too can create any design or duplicate any logo. If it's commercial or individual, no project is too big or too small. Right now their hottest commodity are these cool custom tumblers!

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

You can grab yourself a half-price deal on one of these cool 30 oz stainless tumblers. They keep cold drinks cold and hot beverages hot and are as good as any of those high priced models. Plus, you can get your favorite...whatever...on the side! You too can have your name engraved on the side for added coolness and security! Log on to the Seize The Deal website today and get yourself hooked up!

You can stop and meet the guys at 2384 Leland Ave. here in Junction or give them a call at 970-255-1922. These tumblers rock!

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