If you're planning on grilling anytime soon, you might want to take a quick look at that meat package. The Denver Post is reporting that a Colorado Springs provider, Ranch Foods Direct, has just recalled over 12,000 pounds of meat due to undeclared sodium nitrite. Here's what to look for on that package in your freezer.

The recalled meat has establishment number "EST. 27316" inside its United State Department of Agriculture mark of inspection.

The meat was distributed in Colorado and New Mexico.

What's the problem with sodium nitrite? LiveStrong.com has this to say.

The reaction that your body has to the ingestion of sodium nitrite can vary depending on how much of it you consume from foods. Phyllis A. Balch reports in her book, "Prescription for Dietary Wellness," that the salts in sodium nitrites can cause a reaction that produces a chemical called nitrosamines, which increase your risk of developing cancer. The American Medical Association says that sodium nitrites can lead to gastrointestinal and brain cancer. Restricting your intake can help prevent these reactions from occurring.

Other than that, no worries. So, throw that beef on the grill and eat up. We'll see you in the ER.