Sunday's latest 'Walking Dead' season 4 installment -- "Isolation" -- dropped a fairly huge bombshell in the final minutes, one that might threaten Carol's relationship with the other survivors should the truth come to light. Next week's "Indifference" will see Rick and Carol out on the road together in search of supplies, but will the pair be able to make peace in light of the shocking twist? Check out next week's first sneak peek to find out!

Though we'd worry about who remains at the prison to watch over the sick, Rick and Carol take to the open road next week to bring back supplies as we wait for Daryl's group to survive their herd encounter and make it to the veterinary hospital. Rick and Carol manage to find a mostly-abandoned house to ransack for supplies, but it seems the quiet neighborhood may hold some dangerous secrets lurking upstairs in one of the developments.

Tensions will surely run high, as Rick comes to grips with Carol's murderous actions in defending the group, but will that mean only one of them returns from the dangerous trip to the outside world? Will Rick decide to keep Carol's deadly secret for the good of the group?

Watch the first sneak peek from 'The Walking Dead' season 4's latest episode, "Indifference," above, and give us your predictions for the Rick-Carol showdown in the comments!